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Author - Aleksandr_M, 18.03.2018 13:35

vfxAlert app version 3 "Cherokee" 

Mostly app is the same, I completely recode all app on a new embedded browser platform, and now all brokers* work well in the app. 
*IQoption platform working not on all PC. Use OlympTrade it is more better than IQ.


--------------------------------Windows OS--------------------------------

Setup 32bit  | Setup 64bit version 3.0 build 621 (latest)

Setup 32bit  | Setup 64bit version 3.0 build 125 


1. Download setup

2. Install app

if you skip the step where installed Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable you can download it here

for 32bit OS run vcredist_x86_2015.exe
for 64bit OS run vcredist_x64_2015.exe


--------------------------------MAC OS--------------------------------

Setup 64bit version 3.0 build 621

1. Download setup dmg
2. Copy vfxAlert to Application
To run vfxAlert You have to set "Anywhere" setting in System Preferences => Security & Privacy. 
Then after running click "Open anyway" if app still not running 

If you have Mac OS Sierra you have to enable option "Anywhere":
 - Close System Preferences on your Mac.
 - Open Terminal.
 - Type the following command: sudo spctl --master-disable
 - Hit enter on your keyboard.
 - Enter your administrator password.
 - Hit enter on your keyboard.


If you have any errors please make a screenshot and post it here, describe how error appeared, your OS (for example Windows 10 64bit)

17.04.2018 12:50


pls note thta i insttaled you soft in my windows , and using IQOPTION is working but tyhe issue is that i have vibration in web site.

29.03.2018 13:32

Servers under DDoS again, we are doing our best to fix it

29.03.2018 11:57

vfxAlert app version 3 "Cherokee" 

I did not get any signals from (any)brokers


18.02.2018 19:13

Hello IQ option does not work in this program I have windows 10 and will not run

Try to update your graphics card drivers.

Let's I try to explain - iqoption use WebGL lib to rendering trading platform all others brokers use standard html5. Chromium lib what we use in our app badly work with some graphics drivers which needed for normally load WebGL lib. If you have "right" graphics drivers iqoption will be functioning correctly. If you click Check WebGL link in app and you will see the message: WebGL supported that's good. Now we try to apply chromium for software rendering without loading graphics drivers. Now on my statistics is not working on 34% of PC, it working 100% on MAC OS

Please wait for vfxalert app updates, while you wait you can use signals in browser pop-window, and telegram subscription.

We are working hard to fix it.

18.02.2018 17:36

Hello IQ option does not work in this program I have windows 10 and will not run

06.02.2018 19:32

any plans for linux realease?

I am not thinking about it, nobody asked.

I think I can compile for ubuntu

06.02.2018 18:56

any plans for linux realease?

28.01.2018 17:57

 Salve, ma il grafico a sinistra non esce niente perchè devo fare un abbonamento?


Write in English, please.

27.01.2018 22:49

 Salve, ma il grafico a sinistra non esce niente perchè devo fare un abbonamento?


03.01.2018 16:26

I'm finding that the software price is not correlating to the spot price on the platform