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Author - Aleksandr_M, 12.01.2018 08:36


Also, you can ask on this topic.

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions:

I pay for Pro license, but did not receive it?

Why Signals not update? Why do signals not appear?

How to add my broker to broker list vfxAlert?

Can I pay by Skrill or Perfectmoney? 

What are the Alerts?

What is signals profit?

03.10.2020 18:53

hi i bought a$15 vfxalert bot and its giving me false signals 

What is signals profit?

03.10.2020 09:16

hi i bought a$15 vfxalert bot and its giving me false signals 

03.10.2020 07:24

AUDUSD asset add please 

 We will add it soon.

02.10.2020 22:08

AUDUSD asset add please 

02.10.2020 10:54

Good day to the support@vfxalert. 


How can i download the new version 5.0.5 2020 in a 32bit of laptop. 

This my problem. Would you please send me a video of tutorial or kindly post here the video. 


Thank you.


01.10.2020 11:04

aurusd signal assest and good signals iam loss i subscribe vfxalert signals not working

30.09.2020 16:19


               How do i change the email id ??.

29.09.2020 07:24

Can support please tell us what's going on so we can make decisions?

the Ad algo is not responsive with the market...

plesse tell us if everything is fine or there's an issue...I'm getting worried please

29.09.2020 04:59

i don't get it why people keep saying I lost money I lost money....the software developer didn't say the software will make you don't like to learn...this software is good and important for a trader if you study it don't have to follow all the signal it gives need to study the software well then you can make profit with it...

the only problem I would say is the for the past three days,the currencies are not updating quickly.

Thanks! :)

29.09.2020 04:58


Hello, the AD signals are currently not showing the entry price, can you take a look at that. Thanks a lot