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Author - Aleksandr_M, 12.01.2018 08:36


Also, you can ask on this topic.

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions:

I pay for Pro license, but did not receive it?

Why Signals not update? Why do signals not appear?

How to add my broker to broker list vfxAlert?

Can I pay by Skrill or Perfectmoney? 

What are the Alerts?

What is signals profit?

29.09.2020 03:56

i don't get it why people keep saying I lost money I lost money....the software developer didn't say the software will make you don't like to learn...this software is good and important for a trader if you study it don't have to follow all the signal it gives need to study the software well then you can make profit with it...

the only problem I would say is the for the past three days,the currencies are not updating quickly.

28.09.2020 20:45

Very Bad signal, wrong signal all the time. I lost my money after following your signals.

28.09.2020 08:15


Hello, the AD signals are currently not showing the entry price, can you take a look at that. Thanks a lot

28.09.2020 07:29

Hello it's not working continuesly showing you must login when redirecting to brokerage account

Solve as soon as possible.

28.09.2020 06:50

the adaptive algo is not working...can you please check for us

28.09.2020 06:17


signal on the app is not updating..

what is the problem?

27.09.2020 05:53

why signals not update? why do signal not appear

24.09.2020 07:20

Hello I bought your signals service but I can't be profitable you have some strategies that can confirm the signals thanks!

Take a look at our blog

24.09.2020 06:41

Hello I bought your signals service but I can't be profitable you have some strategies that can confirm the signals thanks!

24.09.2020 05:41

Hello, I am using the Beta version 5.0.5 and I dont see any change in the two curriencies, they always on the same two GBP/USD and USD/JPY.

How can they be changed to other assets or other currencies.

I imagen one should be able to change the asset so it can be monitored  for making a decision of put or call.

Thanks for any information.


Did you applied your licence key?
Did talks about signals or bottom indicators dashboard?